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Our main purpose is to prepare students in domains such as: communication, problem solving, creative and critical thinking, healthy living, artistic skills, self awareness, understanding one’s role in the local and global community and environment.  Education has become a diverse and deep undertaking as we prepare our youth to have the best chances of a successful future.

The Langley School District’s core values of integrity, excellence, courage, and community underlie all we do.  Our general belief is that school should be a safe, happy, fun, and comfortable place where quality teaching and learning opportunities can occur.  At Belmont that is our goal every day.  Of course we know that with so many children (about 575 for the 2016-17 year) and adults (50 staff members plus parents/guardians, volunteers, etc.) in the school community there will be challenges and conflicts that arise – it is how we resolve and work our way through those issues that define our community.  Often it is the social give and take and learning that are the most valuable things we gain from school.

We welcome all to our community and look forward to engaging everyone on a terrific journey of learning and discovery!

École Élémentaire Belmont
Belmont Elementary School

20390 - 40 Avenue, Langley
BC, V3A 2X1
Phone: 604-533-3641
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